Electricsl, Mechanical, Instrument, Piping, Process & Design Engineer Jobs


1. Lead/Senior Process Design Engineers
2. Process Design Engineers
3. Piping Material Engineers
4. AP3D DB Administrator
5. Accounting Assts./Accountants (CPA, General Accounting, PEZA, BIR)
6. Structural / Civil Design Engineers (ACI, ASCE, AISC, ASTM & PIP STC01018)
7. Piping Stress Engineer (Caesar II and Autopipe)
8. HVAC / Plumbing Design Engineer
9. Fire Protection Design Engineer (NFPA, IBC, IFC, etc.)
10. Building Architecture (IBC, NFPA, etc.)
11. Material Controller (must be a resident of Pangasinan)
12. Electrical QC Engineer (must be a resident of Pangasinan)
13. Material Controller (must be a resident of Pangasinan)
14. Planner (must be resident of Pangasinan
15. Office Assistants
16. Cadets for Y2022 (Y2020/2021 Graduates: Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Architecture, Chemical, Electronics, and Accounting)

> For local candidates here in the Philippines

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