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Why a career in mining is so rich

With so many industries such as energy, food manufacturing, construction and transportation dependent on mineral products, the mining sector has become a popular career choice, offering many global job opportunities. Here we take a look at some of the latest developments in one of the most dynamic industries and look at some of the reasons that make a career in this industry so tempting.

A rapidly expanding sector

To put the influence of mining in perspective, Anglo American CEO Mark Cutifani recently noted that “45% of world economic activity is driven by the mining sector”, an industry that occupies only 0, 04% of the land of the world, compared to 50% occupied by agriculture, “literally the smaller footprint of our economic contribution than any other industry”.

It is a thriving sector, supported by the start of the post-pandemic economic recovery. The price of copper has recently risen to its highest since 2011, driven by demand from the United States and especially China. Given its use in batteries that power electric vehicles (EVs) and high-tech devices, and its importance in helping to realize a low-carbon future, lithium is another much-needed metal. This shift towards a greener future will also stimulate demand for other base metals, such as zinc, used primarily in galvanizing steel and iron in the construction and automotive sectors.

The mining industry is a major provider of jobs, creating many job opportunities to extract minerals from the earth. Although it can be physically difficult at times, a career in mining brings many benefits.

Want to explore a career in the mining industry?

  • Earning Potential: Mining is literally one of the best-paying jobs with miners often earning very high wages. While pay levels may vary depending on market prices, the huge demand for mining talent makes it one of the most profitable industries to work in. The significant and constant need for mining professionals makes job security another key selling point.
  • Range of Jobs: There are so many different opportunities in the mining industry, from underground to above ground work, exploration roles as a geologist to general management and operations. There are jobs for a range of skilled specialists, from construction workers and equipment operators to highly skilled engineers and metallurgists to key back office functions such as human resources.
  • Excitement and Evolution: Mining is like no other job and suits the more adventurous. The adrenaline of working in an industry where you discover and discover new metals. There is a new challenge every day and you are constantly evolving with your work, learning new skills daily.
  • Technology and education: Like the mining sector it is at the forefront of technological innovation thanks to advances in machinery and computer equipment not only to make mining more efficient but also safer. This means that people need to be trained on new equipment or procedures, so there is plenty of room to learn new skills and broaden your career prospects.
  • Global Dimension: Given the international presence of the mining sector and the diverse location of natural resources, one of the great strengths of a career in the mining sector is the ability to work almost anywhere in the world. Those entering or already in the industry will benefit from the large number of global job opportunities offered by the mining industry.

Whether it is copper, zinc or lithium, the demand for metals and extraction of minerals from the earth continues to grow due to the abundant use of mineral products in so many industries. As an industry, it has a major impact on local communities, not least in terms of employment. And, most of all, as Cutifani reminds us, “we are the key to decarbonising and creating a long-term sustainable planet”.

From a business perspective, employment opportunities in the mining sector are plentiful worldwide, offering current and potential employees the opportunity to grow and develop their skills in a unique environment and environment. It is a career with so much variety and many rewards, not only financially but also in terms of career growth and development.


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