Multiple Marine Engineering Jobs

Job Opportunities for QATAR
(Marine & Shipping Industry)

(Electrical Technician & Supervisor / Piping Fitter/ Carpenter/ Piping Welder / Crane Operator / HVAC Technician & Maintenance Supervisor)

Minimum 5+ years of experience in Marine or Shipping Industry and at least 2-3 years of experience in Marine Industry is Must.

1-Assistant Foreman(Electrical)
4-Group Leader(Electrical)
5-Quality Controller(Electrical)
6-Supervisor (Work Preparator)(Electrical)
8-Quality Controller(Machine Shop)
9-Senior Machine Operator(Machine Shop)
10-Supervisor(Machine Shop)
11-Work Preparator(Machine Shop)
12-Assistant foreman (3rd Engineer)
13-GENERAL WORKER(Machinery)
14-Group Leader(Machinery)
15-Machinery Fitter
16-Senior Machinery Fitter
18-Cryogenic & EMC Fitter
19-HSE & FIT Inspector
20-HSE & FIT Promoter
21-Group Leader(Piping)
22-Pipe Fitter(Piping)
23-Pipe Welder
24-Quality Controller(Piping)
25-Senior Pipe Fitter
26-Senior Pipe Welder
27-Supervisor (Work Preparator)(Piping)
28-Work Preparator(Piping)
29-Crane Operator(P&M)
31-Group Leader(P&M)
32-HVAC Technician
33-Industrial Worker
34-Maintenance Supervisor
35-Mechanical Fitter
36-Material Cataloguer
37-Blaster & Painter
38-Cherry picker Operator
39-Dock Worker
40-General Worker(Shipwright)
41-Group Leader(Shipwright)
42-Quality Controller(Shipwright)
44-Senior Machine Operator(Shipwright)
45-Senior Scaffolder
46-Supervisor (Work Preparator)(Shipwright)
48-CNC Machine Operator
49-Dimensional Controller
50-Group Leader(Steel Works)
51-Senior Machine Operator(Steel Works)
52-Senior Structural Fitter
53-Senior Structural Welder
54-Structural Fitter
55-Structural Rigger
56-Structural Welder
57-Supervisor (Work Preparator)(Steel Work)
58-(Quality Control)(Steel Works)
59-Supervisor(Steel Works)
60-Work Preparator(Steel Works)

Interested Candidates can share updated CV on
Mob / Whats app / IMO or BOTIM:- +91-9819442916 and +91-9702656011

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