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Multiple Drilling Rig Jobs

Join The Valaris Team 36 Open Jobs
We Are Valaris With decades of expertise and strategic commitment built on efficiency, capability and ingenuity, our sights are continually set toward a future built with purpose and the most advanced operations. A future where we are BOLD.

· Driller
· Assistant Driller
· Mechanic
· Subsea Engineer
· Deckhand
· Assistant Mechanic
· Crane Operator
· Assistant Electrician
· 2nd Engineer
· Able Bodied Seaman
· Assistant Derrickhand
· Welder
· Assistant Crane Operator
· Radio Operator
· 3rd Engineer
· Chief Engineer
· Store Keeper
· Chief Mate
· Sr Electrician
· Electrician Technician
· Toolpusher
· Sr Electrician Technician
· Floorhand
· Derrickhand
· Oiler Motorman

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