Multiple Drilling Engineer Jobs

International company recruiting tor a project in Algeria Algrie* for several engineer profiles of all nationalities:
-Less than 5 years experience
-Between 5 and 10 years experience
-Senior positions> 10 years experience
The profiles needed:

· Senior Production Engineer
· Senior Petro Physicist Engineer
· Senior Reservoir Engineer
· Senior Geologist Engineer
· Senior Geo-modeler Engineer
· Drilling & Workover Superintendent
· Senior Wellsite Supervisor
· Senior Geophysicist
· Senior IT and Programming Engineer
· Senior Data Management Engineer
· Senior Project Manager
· SWT Specialist
· TDA Specialist
· MPFM/VX Specialist
· Senior Directional Driller
· MLWD Measurements and Logging While Drilling
· Mechanical Technician (Drilling Motor)
· Mechanical Technician (MWD+ LWD)
· Mud Logger
· Helper (Mudlogging Sample Catcher)

Please send your CV to citing the role you are applying to.

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