Mechanical, Electrical, Structure, HVAC & Safety Supervisor Jobs

CHIYODA CORPORATION is a global engineering Currently we are looking to hire several positions (contract based), Great Opportunity for you to Explore to join our team in Gresik District – East Java- Indonesia.Will you be keen?

1. Mechanical Supervisor (MCS)
2. Piping / Paint Inspector (PPI)
3. Structure Supervisor (SRC)
4. Document Control (DCO)
5. HVAC Supervisor (HVS)
6. Preservation Coordinator (PSV)
7. Completion Engineer (CPE)
8. Safety Supervisor (SFS)
9. Safety Trainer (SHT)
10. Electrical Supervisor (ELS)
11. Building Electrical Spv (BEL)
12. ERT Supervisor (ERS)
13. Permit To Work Coordinator (PTW)

Minimun Requirement:
1.   Min. Diploma or bachelor’s degree with relevant studies (All Position)
2.   Proven work experience in Oil and Gas / Mining Industry
3.   A minimum of five years’ experience (All Position)
4.   English literacy and effective communication skills.
5.   Knowledge of root cause failure analysis techniques, inspection techniques (x-ray, NDT, etc.), corrosion, cathodic protection, etc (PPI)
6.   Familiar with material handling equipment installation (MCS)
7.   Strong knowledge of manufacturing site safety standards (SFS)
8.   Preservation experience in EPC projects (PRV)
9.   Must have a valid AK3 Umum Certification & other relevant HSE training (SFS)
10. Document Control experience for large project (DCO)
11. Two-year trade school certificate emphasizing HVAC, electrical, plumbing, life safety and building control systems preferred (HVS)
12. In-depth knowledge of commercial and industrial electrical systems (ELS)
13. Computer literacy and experience in the use of Microsoft Office.
14. Train the Trainer or any other Teaching qualification (TTT, TOT Certificates) for SHT

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