Process, Production & Commissioning Jobs

HSE, Document Controller, Project Manager, Piping, Electrical & Rotating/Static Equip Commissioning Jobs

Required in Egypt for Commissioning activities.

1- Project Manager
2- Commissioning Manger
3- HSE Engineer / Supervisor
4- Planning Engineer
5- Document Controller
6- Admin
7- HSE Officers
8- Skilled Helpers
1- Technical Support Leader
2- Technical Support Engineers
3- Clerk
1- Piping Commissioning Lead
2- Piping Commissioning Sr. Engineer
3- Piping Commissioning Supervisor/ Foreman(s)
4- Piping Commissioning Technicians
1- Rotating Commissioning Lead
2- Rotating Commissioning Sr. Engineer
3- Rotating Commissioning Supervisor/ Foreman(s)
4- Rotating Commissioning Technicians
1- Static Commissioning Lead
2- Static Commissioning Sr. Engineer
3- Static Commissioning Supervisor/ Foreman(s)
4- Static Commissioning Technicians
1- Electrical Commissioning Lead
2- Electrical Commissioning Sr. Engineer
3- Electrical Commissioning Supervisor/ Foreman(s)
4- Electrical Commissioning Technicians

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