Electrical, Mechanical, Instrument, HSE, Control Room Operator, Plumber, Welder & Other Jobs

Great Opportunities!!!

We have the following vacancies for one of our projects in Iraq to provide production operation and maintenance services for a Central Processing Facility (CPF).

Attached you can find the full list of vacancies and requirement of each job.

– Production Superintendent
– Chief Dispatcher
– HSE Supervisor
– Control System Engineer
– Field Surface Facilities Supervisor
– Field Surface Facilities Control Room Sr. Operator
– Field Surface Facilities Operator
– Field Surface Facilities Local Operator
– ERT Supervisor
– ERT Welder
– ERT Plumber
– ERT Local Plumber
– Oil Processing Syetem Supervisor
– Oil Processing Syetem Control Room Sr Operator
– Oil Processing Syetem Operator
– Oil Processing Syetem Local Operator
– Utility Operator
– Utility Local Operator
– Initial Station Control Room Sr. Operator
– Initial Station Export Operator
– Initial Station Export Local Operator
– Power Plant Supervisor
– Power Plant Control Room Sr. Operator
– Power Supply Operator
– Power Supply Local Operator
– Power Distribution Operator
– Power Distribution Local Operator
– LAB Supervisor
– Laboratory Operator
– Laboratory Local Operator
– Water Processing System Supervisor
– Water Processing System Control Room Sr. Operator
– Produced Water Processing Operator
– Produced Water Processing Local Operator
– Water Injection Operator
– Water Injection Local Operator
– Planning Assistant
– Maintenance Supervisor
– Maintenance Foreman
– Senior Mechanical Technician
– Mechanical Technician
– Senior Electrical Technician
– Electrical Technician
– Senior Instrumentat Technician
– Instrument Technician
– HSE Supervisor
– Mechanical Engineer
– Electrical Engineer
– Instrument Engineer
– Local Mechanical Technician
– Local Electrical Technician
– Local Instrument Technician

If you are interested, please apply through the following link:


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