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A prestigious PMC project for an onshore gas plant has just been given to our esteemed client. Due to this, we are adding 28 new jobs based in Papua to this project on our Trees Engineering – Services Marketplace for the Energy Sector !

• General Site Manager
• Construction Manager
• Offshore Site Engineer
• Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning Manager
• Handover and Completion Manager
• Field HSE Manager
• HSE Supervisor – Onshore
• HSE Supervisor – Offshore
• Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning Engineer
• Field Interface Coordinator
• Field Project Control Engineer/Planning
• Construction Superintendent -Mechanical Static
• Construction Superintendent – Rotating / Package
• Construction Superintendent -Insulation / Painting
• Construction Superintendent – Electrical
• Construction Superintendent – Control Systems & DCS
• Construction Superintendent -Telecommunications & IT Systems
• Construction Superintendent – Civil / Structure
• Construction Superintendent – Piping
• Construction Superintendent – Pipeline (Onshore)
• Construction Superintendent – Pipeline (Offshore)
• Field Document Controller
• Field QA/QC Manager
• QA/QC Inspectors (Onshore)
• QA/QC Inspectors (Offshore)
• Welding Inspectors (Onshore)
• Welding Inspectors (Offshore)
• Punch List Operator

For this important project, we are looking for committed and talented Indonesian professionals. This is a fantastic chance to work on a project that will have a significant impact on Indonesia’s energy sector.

The open positions offer opportunities for a wide range of expertise across several project domains. Joining our platform will allow you to take advantage of the flexibility and freedom of freelancing while also making a significant contribution to an industry project.

Visit the Trees Engineering marketplace right away to learn more about these opportunities, and click the PDF link to view the job descriptions. Do not be reluctant to apply or to spread the word if you or someone you know meets the requirements.

Let’s shape the future of energy together! 🌳🔬🏗️

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