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3 tips for a successful career in oil and gas

Oil is a rewarding sector to incubate your recent graduate career.

This is a unique opportunity for recent graduates and young professionals interested in building their careers in the oil and gas sector – an industry that is rewarding with tremendous growth potential and in demand for a new wave of talent.

However, moving forward can be challenging and competitive.

While there may not yet be a sure recipe for success, here are some tips that are sure to lead you to long-term success throughout your career in the oil industry.

1) Make contacts (as appropriate)

A common mistake made by many young and ambitious professionals is to work too hard to please the company’s big boys and high-level staff.

While you should certainly make an effort to impress your boss and senior officials, remember your position.

Younger staff often forget to build relationships with support staff and field workers, the people who work alongside you.

Courtesy and treating everyone equally is not just advice for a healthy and happy life – it’s also an important career development tool. Creating connections that fit your role is an organic way to start building a professional network and reputation in your field.

If you focus solely on personal gain, you will not become a good member of the team and the problem will be resolved quickly.

2) Understand fieldwork

Whether you are a junior engineer or a company, no experience is more crucial to your success than getting to and from the field.

If there is one area of the industry that can be plagued by controversy, it is between those on the ground and those who work at arm’s length from the field.

Taking the time to get an idea of what’s going on in the field is not only beneficial to the work you’re doing collaboratively, but it’s also valuable for your personal development. Walking away from the drawing board and seeing for yourself how the operations translate into practice gives you an incredible advantage.

You will look and feel more competent, gain respect and join your team, and begin to build the “big picture” of how the industry works, from the bottom up.

3) Find a mentor

Mentoring can unlock professional success in virtually any field, accelerating your career progress in more than one way.

A great mentor in the oil industry gives you real-world training and experience to supplement your knowledge base.

Competence builds trust, with personal tutor training that offers you the best of technical knowledge that leads to success.

A very tangible reason just as important to find an oil and gas mentor is direction. Developing a strong professional relationship between mentor and student brings a wealth of opportunities for the future. With an industry that pays close attention to a proven track record in the industry, a reference is effectively your ticket to laying the foundation for your successful career in the oil industry.

Professional counseling is another long-term benefit of having a mentor.

In such a multi-faceted and complex industry, it is all too easy to feel overwhelmed and miss the big picture, which is exactly why mentors are an invaluable resource.


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